Proprietary Programs


The first software application for tourism marketing directors which has modules giving a real time look at marketing parameters such as: ROI, production/advertising inventory, PR tracking, co-op documentation and more.



A comphrehensive media, PR and co-op tourism database to track editorial calendars, media costs, added- value incentives, Internet/new media options and co-branding/co-promotion or PR opportunities.



Affordable travel website infrastructure development which gives content entry control to tourism clients. Extensions include calendars, photo galleries, maps, website analytics and more.



An email distribution tool which can manage many segmented tourism email lists and tracks the email usage.



A web-based publishing tool which takes visitor guides, meeting planner publications, golf guides and other long-form travel magazine formats and makes them interactive for the web viewer with many dynamic features. It also captures in-depth usage data to guide your marketing efforts. 



A branding program which adds a new dimension to traditional branding. It incorporates partnership efforts, community involvement, obtaining “third party” media credibility, and value-added approaches to enhance the effectiveness of an organization’s branding efforts. 



A Marketing audit analyzes the effectiveness of present communication tools and makes recommendations to enhance future communication tools. The audit is based on both primary and secondary research. 


Documented Success

Harrodsburg Trip AdvisorFull Force Interactive Marketing Plan Provides Interactive Engagement for the Audience


From online banner ads to e-newsletters, AD-SUCCESS client, Harrodsburg, KY has made a mark on the interactive platform this Fall with a coordinated campaign.

Their TripAdvisor Destination Marketing Opportunity page offers users the opportunity to see photos, events, a map, and links to Facebook and the website. In addition, the TripAdvisor partnership gave Harrodsburg the opportunity to launch an online banner campaign highlighting their top attractions. These banners, along with some additional ones, also launched as part of the Collinson Online and Mobile Banner Ad Program. (read more)


homepage-thumbTest Your Bourbon IQ


At the heart of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, our client Lexington’s Bluegrass Region is perfectly situated to be a bourbon enthusiast’s paradise. On the full page back cover 2012 Official Guide to Bourbon Country distributed to Lexington and Louisville hotels, the Bluegrass Region went as far as to say, “If bourbon were a person, their Favorite Place to Visit would be… Lexington’s Bluegrass Region.” Supporting this bold statement was the region’s title as the “Birthplace of Bourbon” as well as the famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans deriving its name from Bourbon County Kentucky, not the other way around. (read more) (Test your bourbon IQ)


Georgetown, KYViewers from Around the World visit Georgetown, Kentucky’s Interactive Website


AD-SUCCESS knew a translation feature would be important for the Georgetown Tourism Commission website when they created it less than a year ago. The city is adjacent to The Kentucky Horse Park which draws visitors from around the world.

Since its launch, the website has had over 33,000 visitors including 200 from South and Central America, 52 from China, 46 from Germany, 100 from India…the list goes on. The website,, reflects the branding AD-SUCCESS has done for the tourism bureau, as well as has interactive features including: a flip-book brochure, calendar, maps, photo galleries, and a contest to win tickets to the Kentucky Horse Park.


Bluegrass Region US Airways adTourism Region works Together to Impact an Audience of 3 Million


When US Airways in-flight Magazine planned to do a feature article on Lexington’s Bluegrass Region, the region’s tourism partners quickly developed a plan to bring together seven tourism entities to do a 2-page spread about travel in the region. In the August 2012 issue of US Airways Magazine the Region partners worked together to use this opportunity to highlight what the tourism region terms, “An experience hard to describe, difficult to forget.” From The Kentucky Bourbon Trail to the living history museum at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, over 3 million readers could learn what is further described in their website,, which was also produced by AD-SUCCESS Marketing.


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